After O1 completion, ALEAS Consortium will work on the definition, design and delivery of ALEAS modular system with the technological output.


The O3 aims at:
1. Designing the ALEAS app based on model delivered in the previous phases of the project
2. Implementing mechanics for Adaptive Systems
3. Porting the application, making them available in Android OS
4. Developing Learning Analytics module
5. Integrate the APP with the Course Materials developed in the IO2
6. Validate the ALEAS APP

The software will be designed and implemented in order to orchestrate the contents developed in the Intellectual Output 2. This IO will be in parallel with the previous one, with a shift of two months, namely the time for the definition of the methodological framework .
In particular, the Consortium will work on the development of an APP available for the common tablets and smartphones, allowing an autonomous and ubiquitous study.
The system will be delivered in the form of an Android APP, freely downloadable from the Google Store.

Each interaction foresees the following steps:
1. The educational input, the requests from the system to the learner, an image, a video or aural speeches.
2. The user replies to the educational input.
3. The APP elaborates the reply, this module defines the coordination of the outputs and the feedbacks based on the exercise script and the embedded adaptive intelligent tutors.
4. The educational output, it implies the displaying and the production of feedbacks. These could be videos, pictures or voices or a combination of those.

During the interaction between the APP and the student, the system tracks behaviours and analyse results, giving new data in order to present a new exercise based on the “pedagogical history” of the learner and on the setting defined by the professor.

The ALEAS APP gives the chance to work at home with the complete support of an international board of professors in statistics. This will foster informal statistics practice.