Smarted s.r.l.




Smarted srl is an innovative start-up (under Law 221/2012) which was created as a spin-off of scientific research activities of its members in the field of Cognitive Science. It was born with the goal of developing innovative applications in order to support activities / needs of the socio-cognitive of people (such as playing, learning, teaching, supporting and maintaining neuro-cognitive functions).
The company works closely with major universities and research centers, including the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the CNR and the Natural and Artificial Cognition Lab (NAC) of the University of Naples Federico II from which comes the cultural background and its scientific activities. Moreover, Aidvanced srl has active collaborations with major industrial and commercial enterprises Italian (Walden Technology srl, Engineering SpA, Xiwrite srl.).
Although the company is newly established (13/03/2017), researchers who are part of the company have many years of experience in the development and management of scientific research projects and the production of scientific material. This experience have led to the development of interactive objects/prototypes such as simulations, Robots, Serious Games, Role Playing and interactive learning platforms. At this moment, SMARTED is participating in two Erasmus Plus Funded projects.
The company has created an APP for Android that aims at improving the communications skills in people with special needs or multisensory disabilities. See the video on the National Italian TV Channel (RAI2 – Medicina 33), where the CEO of Smarted Raffaele Di Fuccio, shows the Application. (Interview in Italian).