The output will be in a form of a report that collects information about a picture of the statistics methods to measure anxiety in the European Context. It will give methodological landmarks to rely on to enhance motivation in statistics for the students in humanities studies and useful guidelines for an innovative and inclusive methodology to foster motivation for statistics.


The main aims of the IO1 are the following:
* To build a comprehensive policy with the following ground-breaking elements:
– Educational activities fostering statistics competences;
– Learner-centred approach to promote a co-creation approach
ALEAS methodology will be based on a learner-centred approach, that supports the idea of an active learner who becomes interested in statistics
– Development of digital and mobile tools to reduce the statistics anxiety
The Technology Enhanced Learning Tools are important to deliver a solution that could personalize the learning, and the user experience. In this way, when the student performs the autonomous study, the system intervenes in order to intercept the difficulties and by offering feedbacks and new solutions. The idea behind the systems is “to bring the students to a learning at their own speed”.
– Autonomous Learning and remote approach
ALEAS methodology will be addressed to remote approach: 1) to support the student when he/she practices at home the notions obtained from the formal course 2) to strenghten statistics abilities beyond homework. In this way, the student could train the competences in every context when he/she brings a device (smartphone, tablet, PC) and the internet.

  • To explore the State of Art of each country involved (Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany) and a complete overview on the EU situation about the application of Statistics Anxiety in the faculties as psychology, education, medicine, social sciences, etc.
  • To perform a Needs Analysis, in order to develop strategies to meet the needs of the target groups (teachers, students, ministerial organizations, etc.)
  • To analyse and eventually implement the innovations from the previous projects that focused on the TEL applications in the teaching and learning of the statistics for humanities university courses.
  • To create tools for a concrete proposal of integration of the ALEAS in European university courses.