Impact of ALEAS Toolkit for the statistics anxiety

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The content of IO4 was created by all the consortium partners, and it is based on the feedback, taken from the field, mostly from multiplier events, APP presentations and evaluations during the implementation phase.

The final part of the project was devoted to test, evaluate and validate the ALEAS APP and support training of the students in statistics in humanities faculties. Intellectual output 4 (IO4) focuses on analysing the conceptual approach of the project and its implementation using a user-centred methodology. The aim was to test the resulting app in real university course contexts and to evaluate its impact on statistics anxiety and statistical literacy. A further aim was to deliver policy recommendations for a future exploitation.

The essence of O4 is reapplication and future exploitation of the results achieved during the project activities. One impact will be reaching other sectors outside the HEI sector that could reap benefits from the innovation of the ALEAS APP. In the document, the partnership shares some relevant studies conducted on real classes that demonstrate the impact and potential of the ALEAS project. IO4 will provide solutions that extend beyond the end of the project.