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ALEAS is an training statistical app designed in order to prevent the anxiety on statistics courses. ALEAS is able to support students’ learning providing several resources (tests, videos, cartoons, texts). All the resource will be inserted in an on-line system and will be usable also through mobile devices. The development of an APP is considered crucial to motivate students and to guarantee their constant participation and updating. Mobile devices are indeed the pocketknife of digital natives.
ALEAS is designed with the focus on the application of quantitative methods in real life, stimulating students to appreciate the importance of Statistics in their future professions. Such design guideline is intended to face with skills gap and to strengthen the diffusion of statistical literacy.

The software is designed and implemented in order to orchestrate the contents developed in the Intellectual Output 2.

The Consortium worked on the development of an APP available for the common tablets and smartphones, allowing an autonomous and ubiquitous study.
During the interaction between the APP and the student, the system tracks behaviours and analyse results, giving new data in order to present a new exercise based on the “pedagogical history” of the learner and on the setting defined by the professor.

The ALEAS APP gives the chance to work at home with the complete support of an international board of professors in statistics.